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Providence Tour Company amplifies the value of Providence’s historic and cultural assets by incorporating them into cohesive narratives, delivered in an informative and enjoyable way. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and delight visitors of the Creative Capital and provide a one-stop comprehensive way for people to experience the spirit of Providence.

From sightseeing tours to food tours, our partnerships with local business owners and the expertise of our guides make our experiences among the most authentic and enjoyable in the city. Whatever brings you to the Creative Capital, Providence Tour Company has an experience for you. 



Bradly J. VanDerStad, Executive Director / Founder

It was Bradly's love of Providence that led him to create the Providence Tour Company. Bradly is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University and holds a degree in tourism: he loves the city so much, he even got a tattoo on his arm! Without a doubt, Bradly is among the most qualified guides in Providence.

Abby Brennan, Media Manager

Abby first managed Bradly on their college newspaper, and their collaboration continues today. She moved back to Providence with her husband in 2019 because she couldn't realistically live anywhere else. Abby's passion for Providence makes each of her tours an unforgettable experience. 


Walk pace was perfect so I could take in all the sights along the way. I enjoyed getting to hear about Providence and the little gems Bradly shared were really cool. I would recommend him for sure.

Francis C., Yelp



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