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Photo of downtown Providence, Rhode Island

About Us

Specialty Tours of Providence

Providence Tour Company amplifies the value of Providence’s historic and cultural assets by incorporating them into cohesive narratives, delivered in an informative and enjoyable way. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and delight visitors of the Creative Capital and provide a one-stop comprehensive way for people to experience the spirit of Providence.

From sightseeing tours to food tours, our partnerships with local business owners and the expertise of our guides make our experiences among the most authentic and enjoyable in the city. Whatever brings you to the Creative Capital, Providence Tour Company has an experience for you.

Photo of downtown Providence, Rhode Island featuring mural.
Bradly Vanderstad, founder of PVD Tour Company.

Meet the Founder, Bradly VanDerStad

The Providence Tour Company was founded in 2018 by Bradly J. VanDerStad, an alumnus of the tourism management program at Johnson & Wales University. Bradly came to Providence from northern New Jersey for college in 2012 and fell in love with the city: with its proximity to the ocean, rich history, art, architecture, food scene, and the small-city feeling with big-city access, what more could he want? Bradly would tell all of his friends about how wonderful Providence was all the time before realizing that there were probably people out there who wanted to hear about Providence. He also noticed that for all of Providence's gifts, there weren't a lot of people telling its story, and he wanted to help. So, in 2018, the Providence Tour Company was born.


Bradly waxes poetic about tours. Whenever he goes on vacation he loves to take a walking tour of the place first, to get a feel for the place and to learn about the city's story from an experienced local, before using that knowledge to inform the rest of his trip. He hopes that the Providence Tour Company can provide you with the beautiful narrative and context in which PVD sits before you explore it and make it your own.

Statue comissioned by Avenue Concept

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