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Photo of downtown Providence, Rhode Island

Providence Prohibition Tour

Step into a bootlegger's paradise!

Downtown Providence is experiencing a renaissance of its historic brewing scene- join us for a tasting tour of Providence's local libations, including delicious beer and spirits produced right here in Rhode Island's capital city.

Between sipping on local brews, learn about the incredible history of Rhode Island prohibition in a state that never ratified the Prohibition amendment. Immigrant-rich Providence found it a little too difficult to part with its Old World drinking cultures, despite what the Feds had decided was "moral."


From the zealous coalition who brought it to Congress and famous bootleggers to undercover agents and corrupt officials, Providence's Prohibition history is rich with characters and culture you won't find anywhere else.

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Restaurant Stops

Tour Topics

  • Origins of Prohibition

  • Liquor Loopholes

  • Famous Bootleggers of Rhode Island

  • Prohibition Enforcement

  • Gunfights on the Narragansett

  • Cultural Impact

Tour Info

  • Meeting Point: Lobby of Hotel Providence

  • Address: 139 Mathewson St, Providence, RI

  • Distance: About 1.2 miles

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Tour Length: About 3.5 - 4 hours

  • For Private Tours: Contact Us

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